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(Lilleyman Moment) The moment in a conversation where all members are laughing at a mutual joke etc. Then one member feels the need to input on the conversation. Usually resulting in an awkward silence and embarrassment for the certain person.
James: "John, can fit your fist in your mouth."
Rebecca: "Wow, I can't!"

*group laughs at James' attempt*
Alex: "I know where you'd like to put your fist Joe, up John's arse."


Whole group: LM.
#awkward #weird #gay #nerd #funny
by cassiej November 30, 2011
Loud Mouth
hey, you are so noisy. just shut up you LM!
#boisterous #talkative #noisy #earsplitting #quiet
by LeaIsDÜhAce!!! July 26, 2009
Ladies Man
Jordan is the biggest LM in the world.
#mack #pimp #player #ml #bright
by LLcoolcotti November 08, 2011
Acronym for Lawn Mower, referring to a very slow, four wheeled motor vehicle with a broken or distastefully modified muffler, causing it to sound like a Lawn Mower. The operators of these vehicles are generally men between the ages of 16 and 25 who enjoy making noise with their mufflers by driving around using the lowest possible gear. This often results in attempts at races with high performance automobiles and motorcycles, obviously ending shame.
Rider of Suzuki GSX-R1000 high performance motorcycle:
"Look at this guy in the Honda Civic with the fart can, is he trying to race me? What an LM!"

"That LM is all show and no go."
#cager #fart can #civic #lawn mower #tl #tl1000 #ricer
by Mitchell G. June 05, 2007
last millenium. (rare variant of ly)
you still have a land line? so LM!
#ly #lame #weak #old #dead
by jingz July 11, 2006
Short for Lionel Migration because people hate typing it out when it pops up all the fucking time.
Wow dude, I hit random on Urban Dictionary and I got LM again!
#lionel migration #lionel #migration #lm #l #m
by AreTooDeTo August 26, 2008
stands for 'ladies man'
like when sum1 a hit with the girls u can say: yeh, look whos lm
by diaz June 10, 2003
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