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"meth mouth," leaves users' teeth black-stained, rotted and often unsalvageable.
Grimey boy did so much crystal meth his teeth looked like rotten chicklits!
by JTD July 26, 2005
Extremely flamboyant homosexual who craves massive amounts of Cock and likes getting pounded in the brown eye.
When Grimey resorts to his pillow biting ways and the Gas Man is pounding him in the ass, he asks "how do you balls feel? Dick Kisser!"
#grimey #flamer #gas man #pillowbiter #fag #homo #cumdumpster
by JTD November 09, 2006
An enourmous female who makes one sick to look at-Jack Jameson
Holy shit! Did you fags catch a look at that See-pig? She made me sick!
by JTD March 04, 2005
a person who constantly gropes girls out of his league.
Dammm Grimey, quit groping that chick. She wants nothing to do with your small beefstick.
by JTD February 23, 2005
Molkey and Desiree's love child.
millababy....hows your baby food?
by JTD March 30, 2005
one who is always late in everything he does.(Jason)
What the fuck Slow Motion, i thought i told you the next time you were late to work I was going to make you lick shelleys cottage cheese ass.
by JTD April 14, 2005
A pirate dancer that swivels around.
Sarah W. aka Swivel Legs.
by JTD March 30, 2005
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