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A senior lounge for seniors in high school. At first it seems like a great place, but is eventually overtaken by moldy food, putrid smells, and rampant sex.
Steve: Let's go to the slounge.
Bob: No way man, I don't want any diseases today.
by huckleberry15 November 03, 2011
contraction of "slacking" and "lounging" all wrapped up into one word of lovely laziness.
We were all wiped out after a day of skiing so we decided to slounge that evening.
by dieseldog1 March 27, 2010
Verb - sneaking around quickly in a snake-like fashion. Writhing around on the ground as if you were a snake, a loose airhose, or some other quickly moving object in the same fashion.

slounge, slounging, slounged.
I turn around, and the guy is on the ground sloungin' all over the place, like some kind of snake. I didn't know anyone could slounge like that.
by definealways February 22, 2007
Meaning "a lazy movement, looking for food"

Used in a poem "Basking Shark" by Norman MacCaig "Collected Poems" (1985).
As you see it was used in 1985, by Norman MacCaig. If you put M00/101S into the Google search you will find the whole poem.
"To stub an oar on a rock where none should be,
To have it rise with a slounge out of the sea
Is a thing that happened once (too often) to me.”
by passing on April 17, 2010
Really called the "senior lounge". Where senior students of school get to chill out and do what they like in there. Watch films, sleep, etc.
"Dude lets chill in the slounge next period"
by The-one January 08, 2007
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