A blatant and self confessed whore
That Belinda is quite the sloot!

Wayne is quite the sloot slaya!
by drugs-are-bad September 08, 2009
slut who is played like a flute
danielle is such a sloot
by thestauker January 25, 2009
1.) A more advanced type of Slut, usually refering to a man.

2.) Refers to a particular human being who has been labeled as either a "Sloot" or "The Sloot"
1.) You SLOOT! (Adjective)
2.) Girl, prepare to get Slooted. (Verb)
by The Freakin' Sloot September 15, 2008
Being the prey of a creepy guy who is trying to drug you or in someway over intoxicate you to rape and eventually murder you, like Joran Van Der Sloot.
That guy won't leave her alone like he's gonna sloot her
by RachieRach January 19, 2011
A trashier version of whoore.
Matt and Tim went out the other night looking for a couple of whoores. Realizing they had $18.94 between the two of them, they figured they should focus on the two sloots at the end of the bar.
by S19 April 04, 2006
Undercover way of calling a girl a slut.
Look at how she flirts with every guy she sees! That girl is a sloot!
by Mike July 03, 2003
slang word for slut so no one knows what your talking about
you are such a sloot for sleeping with all those men.
by lauren February 14, 2004

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