not quite a slut, someone who has slut potential but has not done that one real slutty thing yet.
Did you hear she passed out in his room? What a sloot!
by F-18 September 12, 2009
Another word for slut; used in a joking way
Girlie 1: I like pancakes
Girlie 2: Maddy shut up. You're such a sloot.
by Zebracakes101 November 28, 2014
A few similar definitions:

1. Where “slut” is a term used for the common trashy promiscuous girl, “sloot” is used for a high-caliber girl finally getting her groove on.

2. When a normally non promiscuous girl is promiscuous in a mischievous, cheeky way.

3. Affectionately used between girlfriends to encourage a friend's recent promiscuous behavior.

4. It's a salute to a friend....a girl's high-five.
Example 1:

Can’t believe you went to the party with Brad and ended up going home with Greg! You’re such a little sloot!

Example 2:

So you finally got your groove on! Good job….you little, sloot, you!
by Undercover Sloot May 07, 2009
A female who in general likes to fuck. She can be bought, bartered for, or for free. Hangs out all over the world, but they gather in large numbers at the 4 floors of whores. Will fuck even if your roommate is in the room sleeping, only feet away. At times their shorts have stains on them, and oddly enough their clothes can be worn by your fiends. Mostly they love funyuns, and talking to one another in their mysterious language.

It is pronounced: sluut...with the long drawl of the u.
Dude 1: Hey bro whats up?

Dude 2: Nothing man, I am tired as hell as I just finished fucking my sloot.

Dude 1: I hope you wrapped it.
by The man of legends June 12, 2008
Word usually meaning slut, but can mean someone just used for a physical relationship. Aka "Fuck Buddy"
Guy one "You man who's that chick"
Guy two "Oh that's just my sloot"


Girl 1 "OMG is that your boy friend"
Girl 2 "Oh no that's just me sloot"
by andyt2k September 03, 2007
To consistently and repeatedly purchase from to ones mental and monetary detriment. Action occurs pre- post- and during Woot-offs. Often associated with sleeplessness in anticipation of a 'bag o' crap'.
James is such a sloot; he has more useless trinkets and no money for rent
by Jeremy Longbottom April 17, 2007
a inconspicous way to describe drunk chicks at the bar that you intend to make sexy with
"hey, lets go to brick street tonite!"


"the sloots are aboot"

"shnice, ill get some rubbers"

no need, we need to spread beastman aids across the world"
by b to tha ruce December 03, 2006

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