Being the prey of a creepy guy who is trying to drug you or in someway over intoxicate you to rape and eventually murder you, like Joran Van Der Sloot.
That guy won't leave her alone like he's gonna sloot her
by RachieRach January 19, 2011
A female who in general likes to fuck. She can be bought, bartered for, or for free. Hangs out all over the world, but they gather in large numbers at the 4 floors of whores. Will fuck even if your roommate is in the room sleeping, only feet away. At times their shorts have stains on them, and oddly enough their clothes can be worn by your fiends. Mostly they love funyuns, and talking to one another in their mysterious language.

It is pronounced: sluut...with the long drawl of the u.
Dude 1: Hey bro whats up?

Dude 2: Nothing man, I am tired as hell as I just finished fucking my sloot.

Dude 1: I hope you wrapped it.
by The man of legends June 12, 2008
Word usually meaning slut, but can mean someone just used for a physical relationship. Aka "Fuck Buddy"
Guy one "You man who's that chick"
Guy two "Oh that's just my sloot"


Girl 1 "OMG is that your boy friend"
Girl 2 "Oh no that's just me sloot"
by andyt2k September 03, 2007
a inconspicous way to describe drunk chicks at the bar that you intend to make sexy with
"hey, lets go to brick street tonite!"


"the sloots are aboot"

"shnice, ill get some rubbers"

no need, we need to spread beastman aids across the world"
by b to tha ruce December 03, 2006
1. A sexually promiscuous woman; slut; whore
2. A WoW or DDO gamer that quests exclusively for the chests (loot); loot whore
a) My cousin Coleen is such a sloot.
b) Khavie and Luthen are both total sloots.
by GinevraDeSilva November 15, 2006
classy way of saying 'slut' so your mother doesn't scold you for being rude.
oh, i know her.she sleeps with everyone.what a sloot.
by Jane_Bond October 27, 2003
a slut, but more extreme. dirtier, less inhibited, less discretionary. like a pretty little white italia girl who sucks off niggers, or multiple men cause she's a coalburner. A good rule of thumb is the number of "o"'s in slut denote the number of niggers and/or the greatest number of multiple partners she had at one session.
Hear bout last night?

>yea you were in a foursome with that chicken head you found at the gym
how was it?
>she swallowed every load, shit was so cash.
wow sounds like a real sloot?
>hate to correct you but she was genuine slooot. it was good, but it was nasty. my dick already itches.
by hellzyeaa September 09, 2014

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