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A combination of sloppy and soggy. A good term to describe the weather.
"fuck that man, I'm not going outside, it's too sloggy out."
by Big Sausage Pizza November 06, 2007
Another term for human "semen" or "sperm", primarily used in Sahuarita, Arizona slang.
Dude, when I woke up this morning I found sloggy all over my sheets.

Is that sloggy on your shirt? You're nasty nigger.
by thehombre June 02, 2011
A word used to describe Difficult Reading Material.
"I read the first page of Twilight and it was Sloggy as Hell!"
by h8er_goan_h8 December 09, 2011
Synonym for Thot. Usually used when someone is describing a person who had sexual relations with someone and that someone's relative.
"Yo bro, that girl over there gave AJ top then had sex with his cousin"
"Oh nah bro, she a sloggy"
by AJ Supremee August 04, 2014

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