A neighborhood pass around. Would probably have every disease and/or infection.
Dan Santos is a slide. He fucked anything and everything that you can think of. I think he fucked a squirrel and got rabies then gave it to Joe and his dog.
by sgualdrina June 28, 2007
breakdancing A set of poping or locking manuvers in which a person moves around a space without lifting up their feet. Usually mimics robotic movement. Popularized by Michael Jackson's "Moon Walk," however there are many contemporary variations.
Johhny's slides were ill; it looked like he was standing still and the room moved around him.
by Brian Williams February 05, 2005
Having a relapse while trying to abstain from a substance such as; cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine…
John was doing so good until he got into touch with his old friends and took a slide back into his old habits.
by Les R. April 03, 2007
when a guy does drugs after he comes out of rehab
man he just wont stop slidin
by Anonymous September 27, 2003
To change multiple lanes on the freeway or any road with three or more lanes.
Yo, cut this guy and slide over to the exit ramp.
by Tha Reel Milk Dud October 02, 2006
Part of the action of an automatic loading handgun.
The cop pulled back the slide to see if there was one in the chamber.
by bellman December 24, 2004
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