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paper money... New Zealand term for 1 dollar
Hey man that speeding ticket just cost me 300 slides
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
5 15
Another term for dollars. Slides because they are hard to hang onto, ie they are slippery
Throw 50 slides into the tank.
by Anthony E October 28, 2006
3 14
noun, circa 1900, USA ... in use from the turn of the century to the beginning of Prohibition; a lower class Bowery urban type saloon-dance hall-tavern catering to gamblers, con-artists, pick pockets, prostitutes, women of easy virture, homosexual pansies and the like. A place one would go slumming for a good time. An urbanized version of the Wild West Saloon, but seedier, a dive or joint. Fun, like a ride down a slide in a children's playground.
We always pinned our money to the inside of our knickers; that slide was full of classy dips and burglers.
by Frankie & Johnny April 08, 2005
9 20
a style of slip on sandals worn by females
I just got a cute new pair of slides from the mall!
by Anonymous July 15, 2001
8 20
to insert one's foot into someone's vagina or anus.
If you really want to lose your V-Card with a bang, try to slide into first base.
by Tom Hayes May 07, 2006
4 18
When ur friend tries to take ur boyfriend/girlfriend.
nah man, my friend would never try and slide me
by Mandy June 01, 2004
5 19
to have sex
We were sliding last night!
by Sparki October 06, 2003
11 26