Another term for dollars. Slides because they are hard to hang onto, ie they are slippery
Throw 50 slides into the tank.
by Anthony E October 28, 2006
noun, circa 1900, USA ... in use from the turn of the century to the beginning of Prohibition; a lower class Bowery urban type saloon-dance hall-tavern catering to gamblers, con-artists, pick pockets, prostitutes, women of easy virture, homosexual pansies and the like. A place one would go slumming for a good time. An urbanized version of the Wild West Saloon, but seedier, a dive or joint. Fun, like a ride down a slide in a children's playground.
We always pinned our money to the inside of our knickers; that slide was full of classy dips and burglers.
by Frankie & Johnny April 08, 2005
you hit some one in the face fast
dont make me slide yo ass
by lil jay February 17, 2005
paper money... New Zealand term for 1 dollar
Hey man that speeding ticket just cost me 300 slides
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
When one passes out after smoking too much pot.
No way man, don't slide, stay lucid.
by elly March 10, 2005
a style of slip on sandals worn by females
I just got a cute new pair of slides from the mall!
by Anonymous July 15, 2001
to insert one's foot into someone's vagina or anus.
If you really want to lose your V-Card with a bang, try to slide into first base.
by Tom Hayes May 07, 2006
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