a girl that you can just get up in and leave.basically,a ho
boy1:im bout 2 get on that
boy2;nah boss thats my slide
by luvrrgrl7 May 18, 2009
A)In Miami Fl usually means to be at attendence at a party or other event.
B)In Miami Fl means to always be there for your boyfriend or girlfriend
A) jill: you gon slide to da party tonite?
B) I'm gon slide for my boyfriend I love that dude.
by flygirl305 June 14, 2009
to make fun of somebody on the down low
Girl 1:awww u cut ur hair

Girl 2: yea i wanted to try sumthin new

Girl 1: its cute but i would never get that style

Me: im mad she tryed to slide you

Girl 2: i kno right......stupid bitch hahahahaha
by flycat08 October 21, 2008
To let everything go. Referred to as "hitting bottom," in the movie Fight Club.
"You had to give it to him: he had a plan. And it started to make sense, in a Tyler sort of way. No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide." - Fight Club

Guy A: They've been talking shit about my girl, man.
Guy B: S'Just words man, slide.

Guy B: You're in the wrong lane! Frickin' turn!
Guy A: Slide a sec! Im tryin' to light.
by The Ascendended September 14, 2006
to make fun of someone on the low
he trying to slide you yo
by Thates2002 August 23, 2010
a term used to describe sexual intercourse
JP and T-Riz were playing slide in JP's car, when the door opened and JP awkwardly zipped up his pants and T-Riz buttoned her shirt.

"I asked JP if he wanted to play slide with me, but he said no."
by JustAnotherChris:D May 09, 2010
to cross many lanes on a highway at one time, without pausing in each one to ensure that the next lane that you intend to move into is clear. very reckless, and warrants a ticket entitled "unsafe lane changing." big fine too.
nervous wife: "oh no, this is the exit!"
cocky husband: "don't worry, i'll just slide across the highway and get across these four lanes right now."
by i own your family September 08, 2007

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