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Having the soft shits the day after a night of drinking cheap beer. This usually yields the use of an entire roll of toilet paper to clean your ass after the morning dump.
I drank about 10 Keystone Lights last night and today I have the slides.
by wvillecop4616 April 15, 2006
3.5 grams of weed, commonly known as an eigth
"im going down to the spot to pick up a slide"
by catscratch May 16, 2005
To punch someone in the face.
Keep talking and i'm gonna slide your ass.
by Ian April 21, 2004
gook, dink, charlie, or any other asian bastard.
We killed so many slides in the Viet war.
by Oswaldo Sanchez April 03, 2005
A person that you mess with outside of a relationship that you are not serious about. In most cases; someone who dont know they are a Fuck Buddy.
Nah son, she ain't my girl, she just a slide.
by Shannie Joseph-Sharpe July 29, 2003