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The music commonly found in pornos, such as "Bend over and say ahh", also used as a discription of good sex
Man, I just made Erin cum 5 times...it was like bow wow chicky chicky bow wow
by Punan-er October 20, 2003
An organization of young females who enjoy such antics as "shitting" vehicles and "slicking" goobers with absurdly large smiles
Dude, look at my Jimmy...it looks like someone has smeared what looks like shit all over it...goddamn Southside Whores
by Punan-er October 20, 2003
The word spoken aloud as you run your index finger across the teeth of an unsuspecting victim
"Slllllllllicckkkkkk" *runs away and shuts mouth to avoid being "slicked" in return
by Punan-er October 20, 2003
N. A massive ammount of boners
"One look at your mom's big jugs can cause for spontaneous bonanza"
by Punan-er October 20, 2003

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