Living life in a constant flow of positive energy.
So smooth, ninja like, stealth
He moves so slick like. Almost like a ninja
by azn ninja April 16, 2008
A knickname for a bald-headed man that is usually meant to be derogatory.
Take it easy slick! I'll get to you when I get to you.
by Anna Isabella November 06, 2006
The very tight spandex pants worn by 80's hair rockers.
Nice slicks Axl.
by Transitrocker January 15, 2016
A slang term for money, most commonly used to describe cash.
Before we hit the rub & tug, I need to stop at the ATM and pull out some slicks.
by D-Dubya February 09, 2010
A military helicopter that has no guns or weapons.
A gunship shoud always accompany a slick when inserting or extracting troops in an enemy area because a slick has no self defense capability.
by Mark8 April 10, 2007
Slippery or well lubricated
(Jim falls on ass) Damn that floor be one slick mother fucker
by Nettled October 21, 2003
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