A knickname for a bald-headed man that is usually meant to be derogatory.
Take it easy slick! I'll get to you when I get to you.
by Anna Isabella November 06, 2006
A persons hair styled with a lot of gel.
Damn, his hair is slick man!
by snoozeyalooze June 27, 2014
A slang term for money, most commonly used to describe cash.
Before we hit the rub & tug, I need to stop at the ATM and pull out some slicks.
by D-Dubya February 09, 2010
Living life in a constant flow of positive energy.
So smooth, ninja like, stealth
He moves so slick like. Almost like a ninja
by azn ninja April 16, 2008
Kinda, fucken awesome, alright, good.
I slick wanted to fuck you but then i was like naw, i'll pass.

Teacher: We have no homework today class.

Me: Sliiiiiiiiick!
by XDWIZ March 10, 2014
A military helicopter that has no guns or weapons.
A gunship shoud always accompany a slick when inserting or extracting troops in an enemy area because a slick has no self defense capability.
by Mark8 April 10, 2007
girl matsurbation: when a girl does things to herself alone to satisfy her need.
"last night I was so horny that I had to slick all by myself."
by Heaven2424 February 18, 2012

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