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People without mental illness. Derivation of "Normal".
I used to be one of the normies, but now I have "The D" (depression).
by Googles November 04, 2004
The same meaning as Normal. Can also mean Dull.
This chick is too normy for me!
by Etni3s February 15, 2004
1. someone who is normal, bland.
Joe is such a normy, he gets the the same haircut every day.
by Mike Hoff February 15, 2004
adj. people who are not addicted to any sort of substance. i.e drugs/alcohol. this term is used specifically by addicts in AA/NA to describe these people.
yeah, my parents are normies. they dont understand why i keep getting high.
by JMSago January 13, 2007
A word used by IB students to describe the general population of students at a high school; anyone not in IB.
The IB students will be studying all weekend while the normies have lives and go to parties.
by mf2893 November 14, 2011
Cool guy, often the unexpected hero.

A person whose use of the written and spoken word can be so exceptional that you might find multiple instances where you are aided by said person.Normys/Normies are generally the religious sort, but have an intelligent air about them. They tend to like Philosophy and Philosophers.

Often used as a nickname for Norman.
1.)That man is my Normy.

2.) John Lennon's philosophies about world piece and his lyrics to his songs make him an utter normy.

3.) YO NORMY, you have got to check out my new phone man!
by Bobert92 January 22, 2011
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