Sharp, wicked, something that has been done well.
PS3 is slick. (Chad Warden)
by a fan of Chad Warden July 21, 2009
Slick is a term most commonly used in the South, In Atlanta for example, and can be used as either an adverb or the answer to a question.

1.The use of this word can vary from "sort of" to "extremely/really" depending on how it is said or what the situation is.

**(this can often cause confusion through texting or answering a question that is too vague.)
"Damn, I drank way too much water. I slick gotta take a piss." (extremely)

"You and Nate have been hanging out a lot in the past 10 months, Are ya'll together yet?"
"Slick." (sort of)

"Did you finish your part of the project yet?"
".....Sooo...??" (?????)
by CaptainRennah October 06, 2012
A word created in Oxford, Alabama that resonates through it's local high school. If one says something that is incorrect or irreproachably stupid, a fellow peer will call out the word "slick" giving the peer the opportunity to slide his/her hand across the back of the offender's scalp in a swift, painful friction. If the offender realizes his/her fault before a peer catches on, they have the opportunity to call "late" to avoid the penalty.
John: Justin Beiber is the most influential artist that has ever lived

Sally: SLICK!!!

John: Fuck, I'm an idiot.
by YellerJackett February 22, 2014
a group of greasy black males or females
loitering or simply just doing nothing
in a group.
Dude, I was going to go the the club last
night, but I heard it was full of slicks.
or a "slick fest"
by Ezra N July 14, 2008
noun: derisive term for a recruit, trainee, or new member to an organization who is untrained and not yet educated/adjusted to the organizations working practices or culture, one who continually embarrasses him/herself and others with ignorant and inappropriate behavior. Term is military in origin, short for "slick-sleeves" referring to an E-1 or lowest rank in the military (Airman Basic in USAF, Private in Army or Marine Corps), as these individuals have no stripes on their uniforms, hence "slick sleeves". Term is liberally used in basic training during the first week when a D.I. (drill instructor) has yet to learn the name of all recruits in his platoon/squadron.
(Drill Instructor): "Forward, March!"
(Drill Instructor): "NO, Slick, start on your OTHER left foot!"
by speedstan February 24, 2010
To cheat or steal from someone
"Paul slicked my keys last night"

"Joe straight slicked me on those rolls"
by RxR January 16, 2008
A girl that is between slim and thick.
" Damn she just right not to slim not to thick , she slick"
by Propagander March 07, 2014
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