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A combo of sick and lax to makes slax. Used to describe awesome lacrosse, is a step above gnasty and sick lax. Can also be used to describe someone,or something sweet non-lax related. Created by the original slaxers themselves Josh and Pat.

1.) Damn did u see that kid rip top titty, that was slax.
2.) That was a pretty slax movie.
3.) Whats up, nothing just slaxin'
by Slaxer February 05, 2008
A linux gateway
Slax is still running stable :)
by Awox September 22, 2003
a friendly word for a slacker, though often used in a sarcastic sense
"Hey, where have you been slax?" said to someone after they just finished a 12 hour shift at work
by omg poprocks October 25, 2007