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gross and nasty put together to form one word; discusting, rank, vulgar; gag-worthy
His breath smelled gnasty after he drank grapefruit juice.
Your hair feels so gnasty because you haven't washed it in 4 days.
by luciaheat October 24, 2006
So Intense That You Can't Discribe It With Anything Else.
Opposite Of Nasty Yet Pronounced The Same.
(V.)Mike Just Pulled A Gnasty
(Adj.)Ohhhh That Was Gnasty When You Punched Tony In The Face So Hard That It Broke His Nose
by NJC - Nick Cormier November 16, 2005
completely disgusting, horrendously sickening,
dude, that guacasalsa is gnasty.
Melinda? that bitch is a gnasty ho!
by daniel r May 28, 2003
G Nasty is the Owner of Nasty Productions and Nasty Ink Tattoos. He is also Producer and Co writer for the Band W.A.R. Clik!
Yo that nigha G Nasty be droppin the ill beat.
by G Nasty June 07, 2007
Adj. describing a person/place/thing that is so awesome/super/crazy delicious it beats all others into the ground like a piledriver.
That movie was pretty g nasty, I'm not going to lie!
by Colin M. Smith August 09, 2006
(The "g" is silent.) Extremely nasty; so nasty gnats would swarm around it.
Your crusty underwear are so gnasty.
by melissar July 03, 2005