A slut who has become so loose from constant sex that her pussy flapshang down and slap together as she walks
Man that chick was such a slapper that i could here her flap music from the other side of the road
by devildamon26 February 01, 2015
Good music, loud sounding hyphy music in or around a scrapper,
My scrapper has hella slap in the back.

That song was a slapper.

This album has Slapper's on it

niggas be slappin when they ride by.

niggas be slappin when they yoke they shit.
by love-erd November 05, 2006
A slapper rap/hip-hop song that "bumps hella hard".
-Hey nigga bump that slapper, im hella thizzed
-This is the muthafuckin' slapper
-Rollin in the cuts bumpin' the slaps
by bhkilla September 11, 2010
Plural of slapper, often used in description of a collection of females from the same region or location.
Have you been down Big Lil's in town - it was heaving full of slappers.
by Mister_Douve July 09, 2003
From the act of slapping a penis against one's tongue during the act of felatio.
Her manner of giving head suggested she was a slapper.
by TCDNS March 01, 2011
The ultimate weapon is Goldeneye 007 for the N64 One hit to the chest gives an instant kill.It is Bonds equal to the Chuck Norris Heart Punch.
Angry russian:Ha you dont even have a weapon
Bond:Yes i do*Pulls out slappers*
Angry russian:what are you going to do with that?
Bond:*Hits angry russian in chest*
Angry russian:*overly dramatic death sequence*
by The only real ninja here March 06, 2010
A hoe. A girl that will do anything with u for nothhing.
That Slapper gave him head at the party last night.
by Will December 09, 2002

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