slappers are the opposite of knockers. While knockers are full and big breasts, slappers are hanging tube-like breasts
Look at that old skank with the ugly slappers
by danny dirt January 05, 2008
In the North of England, this describes a worn-out dirtbox, usually one that's spent half a life selling it. Almost exclusively used with the adjective 'old'.
Look at that old slapper. I wouldn't touch her with yours.
by titwanker May 29, 2003
An Australian term used to describe a sexually promiscuous female.
"Gonna go to the pub and pick up a few slappers."
by Taylor_Woo March 14, 2008
a girl who sleeps around. also known as loose. so loose infact that when sed girl walks along she's so loose her 'lips' slap together.
therefor she is a slapper.

whoa can u hear that slapper coming?
by pom (eurotrash) February 12, 2008
Someone with an extremely loose vagina.
John: "oh my god, who's that?!"
Ryan: "that's Tina... She's a mad slapper."
John: "yeah I can hear her from here!"
by tashtashtash October 18, 2008
Basically mean a Woman that fucks with lots of men. aka(also known as) a Slut.
women fucking a lot with different men.
by wazzzzzzzup June 26, 2005
very lose woman, like a 2 dollar hooker, but with less class! the only way u know this woman has an orgasm, is u notice her spill her drink a little!
girl..stop actin like a slapper

slapper! (thats it!)
by «BLüE÷SCØüSÀ»© November 10, 2004

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