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An ecstasy pill that kicks in really fast
"niggaa i got some slappers we finna roll hard!"
by sttankeygurl12 December 24, 2009
6 17
Another term used for ecstacy. Due to the fact that it feels like it comes at you in waves and slaps you, over and over again.
I got a few slappers, know of anyone that would want to get them at that rave this weekend?
by rave queen July 15, 2009
4 15
A woman who "slaps on" tons of make-up, usually spotted by that. Tons of make-up will surely hide the ming underneath form the session before.Usually goes out pantyless, and is totally brainless, homes for thick wallets and loud mouths.
Alternatively, slapper could refer to the slapping sound during intercourse or a slapping sound the labia make when she walks.
God look at that slapper! She has more paint than the Mona Lisa!!
by Geee June 27, 2006
13 26
refers to one who is a zeta at BSC.
look at that girl she just pledged ZTA, tonight she's going to get drunk at the pledge party and post what frat guy she bangs on her livejournal.
I know what a slapper!
by howdydoody December 29, 2007
3 18
A really good song or group of songs that one likes.
"This song slaps!" or "That song is a slapper."
22 37
slapper word of irish gaelic in origin(slaipéar) pronounceed SLAh PAir. whose original meaning was a desciptive term of o piece of clothing that hangs loosely on someone. Don't belive me consult an irish dictionary
that horrible hoe is a propper slapper
by Éamonn February 04, 2004
21 37
A person who believes they are patriotic simply because they slap an 'I support the troops' sticker on their car/truck/SUV.
jerk phony ignorant clueless hipster
Check out the 'slapper' in the Hummer getting 10 miles per gallon; I'm sure the troops are thrilled that he's enjoying the oil they're dying for.
by BungeeBoi September 10, 2008
3 22