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A chick who uses a guy for his car.
3 types:

Mild(rarest): everyday chicks,generally good looking usually easy to get along with, has had a major problem with guys in the past but has got through it without turning lesbian. But still has problems keeping relationships. Will prefer a popular good looking guy with a fast car than a rich good looking nerd. Generally nice people your prolly mates with a couple.

Medium: General everyday sluts. Easy to get along with easy to get into with most boy racers.

Problematic: If you know anyone that has reached this stage DO NOT go near them. These are the most untrustworthy bitches on the planet. General everyday bullshitters. Will skite about their boyfriends fast car often even though they dont know shit about cars eg: Bob: 'hey sarah wot u up 2 tanite?' Sarah: 'oh not much just going to the drags in my mates RED EVO'lie alot go from boyracer to boyracer and cheat on their boyfriends often. A real slut and not someone u wanna be mates with UNSATISFACTORY!!!!
by not_a_boyracer May 17, 2004

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