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A male from the slumps of the south east. He usually struggles in every facet of his life. Is quite often a lurker and a minger. He also prefers the company of munters to hotties
That Slammer is kidding himself
by Bod September 01, 2003
2 8
A slammer is the jail, also known as the pen or the can ... it's a slang used by people from the jail or by gangstas
I'm fresh up out the slammer (50 Cent)
by Emmanuel March 03, 2004
339 124
Internet virus that caused chaos in supposedly secure systems in early 2003.
The quantity of network traffic generated by the slammer worm was an order of magnitude greater than anything we had seen before.
by Matt Coffey June 09, 2005
84 41
Another word fo prision, jail, pen, crowbar hotel...and so on.
Zach went to the slammer fo robbin a bank.
by cartman5000 August 09, 2004
68 36
Heavy metal disc used in the activity of Pogs.
"Hey mister, I need to use the slammer so I can win those neat pogs."
by JwC October 13, 2004
69 43
A performance poet that competes in poetry slams, which are competitive, judged poetry readings. A slammer is also called simply a slam poet.
At the coffeeshop last night, the best slammer won the poetry slam.
by Christopher Fox Graham April 28, 2006
29 12
Jail. Prison.
"Jimmy has gone away to the slammer for a very, very long time.
by Anonymous August 31, 2003
25 10
People that use intravenous drugs. Esp Heroin. And are addicted.
He has been slammen for eight years now so his shit is always right,if I wanted baby laxitive I would go to Wallgreens. Daved gets 'Getto Boy' stamp bags so it slams you righteously.. Be carefull you don't fall out, this stuff is for a real slammer
by John N Toxey February 18, 2008
21 9