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Heavy metal disc used in the activity of Pogs.
"Hey mister, I need to use the slammer so I can win those neat pogs."
by JwC October 13, 2004
A lifestyle of extreme gaiety, like that of a particular scrawny, unlovable Taiwanese male. Usually accustomed by the need to stalk a female who will never go out with the subject, out of obsession and self delusion. Can also refer to an extremely poor play in an obvious situation in the card game bridge.
socutiesf is so geeng.
wow, geengus (satrical on genius).
this is so geeng (refers to a poor style).
you got geenged (aka raped by an incompetent partner).
by JWC January 06, 2005
In the Jib Jab video parody of Woody Guthrie's "This Land," there is a scene in which the caricature for George W. Bush writes this term on a map depicting the state of Massachusetts. The scene occurs simultaneously with one run of the chorus "This land is your land."
If I recall correctly, it was formatted as follows.

by JWC November 25, 2004
A girl who, when a man is having unprotected sex with her, holds onto him, thus disabling him from the ability to pull out fast enough.
Soph totally shwaned me last night... I hope to God she's not pregnant!
by Jwc June 03, 2013
When an old man tries to look up a young girls skirt without her noticing
A: I saw that perv shwaning that teenager!

B: Someone really should report him
by Jwc June 03, 2013
When you're seeing a guy/gal and they're really nice in person, but when you message them they either don't reply or they're rude and stand offish.
Omg Tara, I really like Tom, but... he's a replydick.
by Jwc December 09, 2015
A very hairy penis
A: Matt has a huge dick!
B: Yeah, shame it's a shwan
by Jwc June 03, 2013

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