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Shit, poo, crap, or whatever you like to call it.
Give me 15, man. I need to take a slammer.
by rpgod2 April 29, 2004
43 36
Not usually encountered outside the military, but it's also a nickname given to the AIM-120 Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) as a recognition of its ease of use and deadly accuracy.
Those who tried to kill the slammer during its development must've really regreted their attiutdes later when it was used in combat and achieved a kill/shot ratio that was better than that of any other AAM that has ever seen combat.
by alex86 July 21, 2005
9 4
a huge party, a blow out
I am going to a slammer tonight.
by carlie3 August 17, 2007
5 4
an individual who enjoys playing loud guitar riffs, standing around in a circle playing hacky sack, running through a field barefoot playing frisbee, or gathering around a camp fire playing the acoustic, also closely related to emo
i saw some slammers in the woods the other day
by illzigga July 10, 2005
48 47
slang term used for a needle or syringe, or somebody who slams a lot of crystal
Hey you gotta clean slammer i can have?

Did you see that girl she's definately a slammer, look at those track marks!
by pinkyistrouble November 18, 2007
3 4
a heavy round object with two flates sides that you hit pogs with
hey i got all your pogs with my slammer hit.
by killabrew April 28, 2004
11 12
Metal or rubber disc used to flip over/knock down Pogs. Circa 1994
That new slammer of yours is fuckin' cool.
by Mike M March 29, 2004
6 8