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The state of being unblieveably, incoherently drunk. Caused by Belushi-esqu binge drinking.
Damn dude, me and Monkey got slamhammered the other night - we couldn't find our fucking houses!
by Uncle Ben December 11, 2003
Being drunker than a real man should be.
I got so slamhammered, my roommate came home and I was dying of hypothermia on the livingroom floor.
by Monkey December 12, 2003
Being so hammered that when you walk you slam into things in your path.
When you are slam-hammered it's hard to walk down a hallway without slamming into the walls as you go.
#slammered #hammered #hamered #sober #drunk #dumbass
by JelinaCulia May 14, 2009
The state of severe intoxication which transforms normal girls into slampieces for the evening.
- "Dude, she was slamhammered last night and she wanted me so bad."

- "Did you get hit it?"

- "Fuck yeah man! I was ready for round two."
#sex #drunk #shitfaced #hammered #fucking
by PittPantherGirl21 May 27, 2010
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