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The act consisting of three or more men, all of different racial backgrounds, ejaculating onto a single female simultaneously.
I watched the sickest porno yesterday. This chick got caught up in an interracial downpour.
#ejaculation #cum #semen #pornography #love juice
by PittPantherGirl21 April 26, 2010
Having sex with someone that a member of your closest group of friends has previously had sex with; because of the close-knit friendship, your sex number does not increase. Just like actual recycling, this is good for the environment.
I had sex with Nick last night - he was as good as you said he was. I've officially participated in group recycling.
#sex #intercourse #friendship #recycling #fucking
by PittPantherGirl21 May 16, 2010
A person who rats on someone else for having sex to their exboyfriend or exgirlfriend, when in reality it shouldn't matter.
- "Someone at your party told my ex that you and I hooked up when we were drunk last night. He completely flipped out on me this morning."

- "You guys aren't together. It shouldn't matter. But whoever said it is a fuckrat."
#partying #alcohol #friendship #sex #recycling
by PittPantherGirl21 May 26, 2010
The state of severe intoxication which transforms normal girls into slampieces for the evening.
- "Dude, she was slamhammered last night and she wanted me so bad."

- "Did you get hit it?"

- "Fuck yeah man! I was ready for round two."
#sex #drunk #shitfaced #hammered #fucking
by PittPantherGirl21 May 27, 2010
Hot girls that you think will be amazing in bed, but just lay there. Might as well fuck a blow up doll.
I hooked up with her last night. I thought she was going to be a good fuck, but she was just a fuckdoll.
#hot girl #fucking #hooking up #sex #intercourse
by PittPantherGirl21 May 27, 2010
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