Someone often absent from contributing to the general good, even given they have a lot of opportunity and talent to do so!
Would rather for instance watch American TV-dramas, color their hair or fiddle with their eyebrows.
Chantal is such a slacker, when was the last time she drew anything?
by bobdole23 September 01, 2014
A person who avoids his work or duties.
A person who evades military service in the war time.
(as described in Tech N9ne's "Slacker")
Slacker: "I don't need a job, I can just become a rapper like Tech N9ne!"
by InfamousThe6 February 09, 2009
One who walks a slackline
slacklining makes you a slacker.
by Adam Pudliner July 29, 2006
A ridiculously funny movie about cheating in college.
Have you seen slackers?
Are you stupid?
by Danno April 06, 2005
The person "Ilir" is the correct and academic definition of the common used word "slacker".

A slacker is defined as a male/female who plays too much World of Warcraft, and is too much in Durotar.
Slacker: N'guys... I'm leaving.
Friends: Are you going to sleep?

Slacker: Naah, gonna play World of Warcraft.
Friends: Gosh... *sigh*
by Angry Marcus. February 20, 2010
A person who avoids doing thier duties or work. It is a person who rather talk to thier buddies than work on his or her notes.
My friend Eric is a slacker because that autistic motherfucker would rather talk and tear it up than work on his notes..

Bitch get to work and stop slacking!!! medicaid doesn't have time to cover for your autistic disabilities.
by SuperTech1 October 22, 2009
A person who spends more time on SL (second life) than RL (Real Life).
Chuck is being evicted from his apartment because he spent his rent on "Chuck Island," his private Second Life island. What a SLacker!
by tchotchittytchotcheroony February 26, 2009

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