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One who drags their ass so far behind so as to secure themselves a place in history as a total loser.
> Have you met the new guy that moved into the neighborhood last month?
< Yes. I met him when he first arrived and so far he hasn't unpacked one box yet.
> Wow, that guy must be a total slacker.
by s0ckpuppet April 01, 2012
0 4
Someone who uses Slackware linux
"Jim over there has been a slacker for years now"
by mike October 09, 2004
23 30
A girl who flirts but wont have sex with you.
IE: Monica flirts sexually with James but wont have sex with him so she therefore is a slacker. *New York Term*
by Lb2 April 28, 2008
7 15
Rase Reetz, Dan Darrow, and Mike Ehlert.
People that don't work to their potential or even 1/4 of it.
by Dude Where's My Car April 22, 2003
11 20
adjective which means to be lazy or to fool around. OR TO HAVE THE LAST NAMELAST ;-)
:nate your such a slacker, you got all F's on your report card homie dawg pancake dude.

:all you do is draw &listen to music while were trying to do our f***ing best! quit being such a slacker
by nate slack August 31, 2004
6 21
One who is slack

Also see slack slackist slackisum
Man i have never me a bigger slacker than you
by Darken May 22, 2005
7 26
1) Clem
2) One who gets credit for some sort of sport, club, or team while doing as little physical and/or mental labor as possible
3) One who slacks
ur a Slacker
Clem's a Slacker
by AZN-iNVaSioN December 15, 2004
8 27