A third wave ska band that plays trad.

Good songs:
Married Girl
Yes it's True
Come Back Baby
Rude and Reckless
The Slackers' live performance is like a three hour party
by skaskaska October 10, 2004
1) The name of a great independent film from 1991 featuring such novelties as Madonna's pap smear. Shot in Austin, Texas, on a shoestring budget, it may be about the definitive movie on Slackers forever after.

Tends to be sort of affectionate slang in this context.

2) Synonym for a typical member of Generation X (born 1964-1981 roughly). Anyone who smoked reefer, wore flannel or owned the Chronic, Doggystyle or any music by Sublime, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam , Nirvana, Rancid , etc., in the first half of the 1990s. Anyone who liked movies directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Tends to be neutral slang, when used in this context.

3) Antonym of a politically aware member of the Baby Boom generation (born 1946-1963 roughly). Someone who thought of the Beatles, Vietnam, Woodstock or JFK being as historically relevant today as the Civil War or the War of 1812.

In this context is usually pejorative and insulting.

4) A description of a young man in the early 20th Century, who avoided military duty. An amoral, lazy coward.

Also negative in this context
1) The movie Slacker was brilliant. I could not stop seeing people I grew up with portrayed in the characters. It's a great movie to smoke weed and watch, when you're bored and not in the mood to write your Master's Thesis.

2) Wow. Lots of Slackers at Lollapalooza this year again. I wish someone would shoot Ani DeFranco.

3) You fucking Slackers think that Reaganomics was cool. You probably never even heard of Kent State or the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Too bad you weren't old enough to have had to have been drafted and sent to Vietnam.

4) You yellow-bellied slackers will be court-martialed, when General Patton returns from the Battle of the Bulge.
by Lollapalooza Loser August 24, 2009
A lazy-ass offspring of a yuppie and a soccer mom. A slacker puts off studying, learning, working. The slacker's favorite expression is "whatever."
Madison is a slacker. She never does her homework.
by Sneaky Snyde May 28, 2005
A person who shirks kas work or duty
A person who evades military service at wartime
someone who don't do enough they fool around and don't give a FUCK!!!
Me, Tech N9ne
That guy sits around all day!
What a slacker!
by BeaneR9393 March 31, 2009
A person, usually a young one and frequently of the X-generation, who lives life at the minimum and is desirious of only enough cash to squeak by, working only to the degree necessary to acheive that dubious objective. Slackers are generally viewed as lazy and unambitious parasites on society in general, especially by older generations, including former hippies who were notably more noxious in their own youth. In the 1950s and before, the people who would nowadays be commonly characterized by the term slacker would have then been the individuals who necessitated innumerable red-lettered signs which pronounced No Loafing, signs which were prominently posted nationwide at nearly every gas station of the era and which were ignored on an equal magnitude by the people whom they specifically targeted.
Zachary is a slacker of the First Water... he's a part-timer at McDonald's, listens endlessly to classic Bob Dylan tunes, and lives with anyone who has yet to run him off.
by The Grottomaster August 31, 2010
girls who have no motivation to do school work but can't say no to going out.
>So its 3am, you done your assignment yet?

>Haven't even started dude, you?

>LMAO ... no.

>World's biggest slackers..
by COD...PLEASE! March 07, 2011
Verb. To inflict the pain of your own laziness on another, to spread the disease of procrastination with the intent of bringing another intentionally down with you.
“I was supposed to be working, but I’ve done nothing but eat nachos and watch Gangland all day because you slackered me good.”
by cfmurraytime July 02, 2010

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