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Taipei, capital of Taiwan (Republic OF China)
Jeff always gets laid with hot chicks when he comes back to Taipei.
by Momo November 06, 2004
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The true Mahjong, is Taipei, not that japanese hearts crap imitation Mahjong.
Nothing is as much fun as a Tile matching game of the TRUE Mahjong
by Erebus September 15, 2003
It's a magical land filled with nude asian concubines. There is mist surrounding everything, and males have tiny snitchzels. It is known for it's bad pizza and delicious goat intestines.
"i wish i lived in Taipei.... NAT!!!"
by mr.aprus August 30, 2009
A beautiful girl, often Asian, who is in love with a boy in the Navy.
Wow, that Taipei over there has a really cool shirt, but her toenails are yellow.
by Smiley November 13, 2004
Taipei is the capital of Taiwan, a sort of noman's land between actually being China and kind of not being China.

If the president of Taiwan is still alive by the time this gets published he would probably say that Taipei is a great city. Unfortunately he'll probably be shot by an rival politician in the next hour or so, so leave it to me to say that Taipei is just nowhere compared to Shanghai.
Someone: I hear that Taipei is nice this time of year...
Someone else: Naah it's crap.
by thiskevin October 02, 2006
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