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To replace an individual within a particular position or standing who was not performing well, usually in sports.
He was the starting quarterback, then he got slabbed.

I used to go to Church's, but I slabbed them for KFC.

by J.Hayes September 28, 2005
(coins) To be authenticated by a pro and put in a plastic case.
I bought a slabbed coin but it still turned out to be fake.
by Ginkgo100 July 30, 2011
what's happened to a house that was knocked off its foundation by a hurricane.
Our house was slabbed by Katrina.
by Una Malachica January 30, 2008
If you appear on the television or newspaper, the first person to show you the clipping/article, then saying the word "slabbed" is then owed a slab of beer.
Found a picture of you in Navy News! SLABBED!
by demcros September 07, 2016
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