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Nice weed high typically at night under the stars with a moderate enjoyable temperature.
Evan Matthews: The spliff was nice.. Want a cigarette?

A. Sinna: Yeah.. I'm skyed right now.. So nice outside!

Evan Matthews: Yea.. I'm skyed too.
by Redlands near HOL July 31, 2010
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Crowdsourcing done correctly with effective use of social media for the right reasons.
That company understands it's not all about the cloud - its about people and relationships. They're totally skyed.
by geekboy2000 April 18, 2013
adjective: high on crack cocaine; verb transitive: to get high on crack cocaine.
1. He was real skyed when he punched that ho.
2. I skyed it and bounced.
by Grandmaster Vinny B November 02, 2005
The condition of being high on crack cocaine; alternatively, to use crack cocaine.
He was real skyed when he punched that ho.
I snatched a stone and skyed it.
by Grandmaster Vinny B November 14, 2005

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