1. a shaped covering for the head, usually with a crown and brim, esp. for wear outdoors.

2. hat.
Dude, I dig your sky.
by Debra Forth March 12, 2008
An incredibly fabulous example of being an immaculate socialite.
"Any where we go you're just a Sky"

"Is it hard being a Sky?"
by Kyle7 September 26, 2007
v. sky, skyed, skying
To run; Vietnam War slang, used by helicopter pilots to describe men on the ground.
From a description of a radio transmission recorded during the Vietnam War:
"This mission is a troop insert into an area about two miles west of LZ Baldy. Turned out to be a base camp. As you can tell on the tape, gooners with packs and rifles were skying in all directions when the 46's landed on top of 'em."

From a radio transmission recorded during the Vietnam War:
"OK, you might pass the word to Scarface {some guy's callsign} that they got one, and one got away, and it was the point man that got him, so, uh, evidently one skyed out in front of him, somewhere."
by pablo_m123 July 27, 2005
Sky, blonde hair blue eyes very pretty and a great person, and laughs at anything
my best friend eveerer
by Laurie January 04, 2005
The thing above your fuckin head, sometimes it's looks blue even though it's really just an illusion... Walk outside and you'll see the same thing they see in Russia but they call it "небо"
О смотрите небо так ясен ... Это зарождения ... взрыв
in english: Oh look at the sky it's so fucking... Is that a nuclea... explosion
by pissedoffblackguy January 09, 2011
paradise for TV lovers. Probably has about 53890279032850943 channels. Accounts for about 90% of obesity probably.
Person 1: "Get up, you've been watching that Sky all bloody day!"

Fat person: "Shut up, the re-run of an episode of Jerry Springer that was filmed in 1995 is on!"
by Sutton January 01, 2005
a crappier and more expensive way to get TV.
Telewest is better than Sky
by David Richardson March 01, 2005

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