A skank who has graduated above and beyond normal skankhood. She as reached the point where people psychosomatically detect a faint odor about her that is not unlike that of a skunk. Even when washed, well dressed, and presentable she still has a dirty and undesirable air about her.
“Her body is actually not bad, but for some reason I cannot bring myself to call her ‘attractive’. Why is that?” “She’s a skunk.” “Ah yes, you’ve nailed it.” “But I wouldn’t nail her.”

“She was all over this dude at the bar and when he went to the bathroom, she was trying to feel up on this guy shooting pool. But when he took his shot, she grabbed the other player’s ass. What a skunk.”
by MastaRoe July 10, 2011
A slang term meaning skank. Usually not as hurtful and not as meaningful. Said in times when skank would be inappropriate.
Girl 1: So whos gonna be at this party?
Girl 2: *shrugs* skunks maybe
by werdtobirds January 03, 2011
n., A male skank. Derived from the Looney Toons character Pepe Le Pew, who was a horny skunk and always tried to bag that cat.
The bar is so full of skunks that you could catch herpes from breathing.
by I_am_Jacks_STD August 22, 2010
To pull the hair on the back of the neck up in hopes to cause pain.
1. Watch this, I'm going to skunk that asshole.

by suckitu February 03, 2010
When playing the game soccer tennis

u call skunks before the game starts.

that means whoevers winning 3 nothing..like a shutout automatically wins. even if ur playing up to 5, win by 2. but some1s winning 3-0...then they automatically win.

Donny D-I call skunks man.

Jimmy C-noooo..no skunks
by cwiseff July 16, 2006
A dirty skank. Most often referring to a slutty woman with putrid genitals.
"Bra, I'm gonna tap that piece-o-ass tonight".

"No way Son, that bitch be a damn nasty skunk, Son".
by Busta-Rhimes April 26, 2013
dirty, hood, ugly, nasty, stinky girl, worse then a grenade
yo Ben why would you hook up with that skunk last night?

Bailey didnt you date that one skunk a couple months ago?
by cheddar swag August 01, 2011

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