a skunk is one partner in crime who follows you around and joins in on anything fun; who you get drunk with every night...a crazy mahfucka who can party for days and doesnt need to take a shower.
"Yo yo yo I need a skunk tonight."
by yung killa. March 05, 2010
A deviant sexual act in which you are fucking a black girl from behind, you pull out and shoot two stripes down her back.
I gave La-a* a skunk last night. *pronounced "La Dash A"
by BLKGZ4 December 05, 2009
1. To fuck in the anal region.
2. Synonymous with anal intercourse.
3. "tappin' the booty"
Jimmy skunked up Madeline yesterday before school.

"I will be skunking it up on the weekends with my boyfriend Jimmy," said Madeline.

I'm on my period, but there's always skunking.
by The Anal Bandit February 20, 2009
A girl with a hairy and stinky vagina, hence the word skunk.
Man 1: Dang mann her skunk is out of control!

Man 2: My eyes watered when she let it out of her cage.
by MVPFTW October 13, 2010
a kind of ganja
by bennett January 17, 2003
v. to allow beer that has been previously refrigerated to get warm. Even when cooled again it has a distinctive sour flavor. This is most pronounced in cans.
hey! this beer is skunked.
by homotojo September 01, 2006
Skunk is two things-

1)A form of cannabis that is normally grown indoors. It is known by smokers for its high TCH content which gives a better feel and high. It is similar to trainwreck.

AND more to my tastes

2)Mix skinhead and a street punk and you get a skunk. Unlike many peoples miss conceptions, skunk is not a mix of ska and punk. How ever, ska does come up due to some of the rude boy reggae influences that come from the skinhead side of the equation. There is also a punk "gang", or as punks call it "crew",
that was started back in the 80's by the first skunk punks, the S.P.D. crew with spd standing for Skins Punx and Drunx which is pretty much what skunk is. There are vary few of the true SPD skunks left, most people don't even know what S.P.D. is.

One wise word of reminder- don't claim to be a skunk if you aren't cus you can end up getting you self into some deep shit, some skunk's are pretty violent and take pride in there crew.

1) "That skunk bud was some pretty cripp shit"

3) The most famous skunk of all time- Lars Fredericksen.
by S.P.D. Psycho June 04, 2005

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