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Basically, it's two-toned hair. Usually a combination of dark brown or black and blonde. Usually the two colors are patterned in sections or overlap each other to resemble a skunk's fur. Those who follow this trend have no idea how ridiculous they look.
Michelle decided to get the skunk hair look by dyeing the bottom half of her hair blonde.
by boratfan1 December 06, 2010
its where girls who think that they are very very truly drop dead gorgeous, but are really only a little bit pretty, have blonde hair with black or dark brown underneath.
UGH look at her hoe skunk hair. what a hoe.
by FattyMayo July 13, 2009
A hairstyle trend where dark haired people bleach the tips of their hair or blonde people die the tips of their hair black.
Skunk hair is the ugliest, trashiest hairstyle trend known to man.
by D-Fined March 11, 2010
A Variation of "Emo Hair"

Long sideswept bangs,the back slightly spikes or fans forward into the bangs coming down in a swoop.

ussually flat ironed and sometimes blonde or multicolored.
"Look at his Skunk hair!"
by Emily Story March 01, 2006
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