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A place where people, family, and friends can gather an enjoy a good dick.
"Hey Charleston, want to go hit up the meat cafe for some dick?"

"Sure Julio, i could use a good dick right about now"

"Cool, we'll go meet my family there. They're bringing the kids"
by Itohead August 29, 2009
A female who is suppose to be an adult, and eventually acts and becomes insane/crazy/psychotic and stoops down to a 'high-school girl' mentality after her boyfriend breaks up with her. Then proceeds to make up stories in order to make him jealous or get him back, and also attempting to make her self look 'pretty' but instead makes herself look foolish and more ugly, and most notably her hair will look terrible (skunk hair).

famous skunk bitches:

Samantha G.
muthafucka 1:"Dude, bro, your ex-girlfriend is telling people she is pregnant with her kid? but i saw her partying last night? whats her deal yo?...."

muthafucka 2: "pfft. i dunno, crazy bitch needs to get off my nuts an leave me alone. See what she did to her hair? that Skunk hoe."
by itohead December 07, 2008

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