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(of beer) gone bad
Bleh, this shit is skunked, how long's it been in your garage?
by zachwolff October 15, 2003
1. To defeat overwhelmingly, especially by keeping from scoring.
1. To cheat (someone).
2. To fail to pay (an amount due).
We bet on the horses, but he skunked me.
by RishiBoy July 29, 2004
If you go fishing and catch nothing.
I went fishing at the Owens River today and got skunked.
by Cuthbert June 07, 2007
During a Beer pong game when a player or team does not make any of their opponents cup in a game. The player or team then has to run around naked.
Sam : "Last night I got killed in beer pong, didn't even get one shot!"
Fred : "Wait, does that mean you got skunked?"
Sam: "Yeah, had to run around naked."
by alias324 March 29, 2010
When a guy is fucking a black chick and blows a huge load from the back of her neck to her asscrack making her resemble a skunk.
I skunked this chick and then she waddled out of the room!
by DiRtY pLuMbEr March 05, 2009
Intentionally farting in an attempt to get someone away from you.
This annoying bitch wouldn't shut the fuck up, so I skunked in hopes that she couldn't tolerate my ass gas and would leave me the hell alone.
by challengersrt8 May 19, 2015
To be sprayed in the face by wall hanging automatic air fresheners
Oh, I just got skunked by that air freshener !
by See, It Is A Real Word March 05, 2011
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