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This subspecies of mullet refuses to let go of its cherished plumage. Too many years of Pabst Blue Ribbon and 7-11 hookers have made this mullet confused and nonsensical. What isn't on top, it more than makes up for in the back. It keeps its locks locked-up in a ponytail for good luck and to keep the chicks hot
Jane: Bobby your daddy has a skullet!!!
Bobby: No he aint go no dog gone sku-let.
Jane: oh yeah he do Bobby
Bobby: Hey Woman how bout you go get me a beer?
Jane: *heads for the fridge*
by wifigurl February 03, 2003
a term used for the act of sexual intercourse; very popular in the mid to late 80's, along with big hair bands
I was gonna do a little bow chicka wow wow on her has, but she got up put her clothes on and left me, because i was watching KISS on the television while eatin the cootchie.
by wifigurl February 04, 2003
usually heard in their natural habitats such as trailer park, the nasty bar at the end of town, ya know.. once you see a couple dead fridges in the lawns,cars on blocks, their young teenage daughters in cutoffs and spandex shirts out rompin in the front yeard,the impeciable stench of beer and fried taters,you've made it all the way over to mulletville, so anyways if you hear an ungodly yodelish hollaring bitchy yell from a woman in a housecoat shower cap and hot pink house shoes, and fire engine red lipstick.. this my friend would be a mullet - call.
* Note the woman yelling from thr trailer door IS dangerous.. remeber that spatula in her hand isn't just a spatuala.. no.. not in mulletville..it's a weapon.so be careful kids.
have fun mullethunting!
I was out mullethunting one night.. full moon was out and a howling wind crept about when all of a sudden.. i heard it.. the mullet-call.
by wifigurl February 04, 2003
blue-veined junket pumper
doughnut holder
firm worm
hard on
John Thomas
love muscle
love stick
love truncheon
meat whistle
ol' one-eye
one-eyed trouser snake
piece of pork
pink oboe
pork sword
purple-headed trouser snake
pussy plunger
salty dog
skin flute
spunk stick
throbbing python of love
trouser trout
wife's best friend
Please do not put your fuzzy no no on my face.
by wifigurl February 03, 2003
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