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7 definitions by mikal3

a mullet with 10% the hair on top and 90% on the back.
10-90! 10-90! here it comes! some guy with a nasty mullet!
by mikal3 February 25, 2006
23 5
A mullet on a bald man.
When you are bald on top and all you see is your skull but you still have some filth hairs dangling in the back.
my grandpa sure does have a skullet.
by mikal3 February 25, 2006
19 8
the slime remaining on a baby after it has slipped out of the womb or vagina.
oh dang, check out that baby slime!
by mikal3 February 21, 2006
5 3
To place your hand in a thumbs up position, and then drag up someone else's buttcrack from bottom to top, ideal position is when they are bending over.

Most proffesionaly done while screaming BOOTDRAG!
Gosh, I gave my boss the deepest boot drag today when he was tying his shoe.
by mikal3 February 24, 2006
3 2
the symbol for a hurricane
seen as a § on a map to show where a hurricane is located
by mikal3 February 22, 2006
7 22
to smear or wipe something under someone else's nose, most commonly used is ballsweat, anything sticky or wet can also be used.
damn son, i gave that kid the nastiest cougar sweat after my basketball game.
by mikal3 February 19, 2006
7 36
to have sex with a girl on her period untill red wings of blood are splattered on the insides of your legs.
1.i wanted to fuck so bad and she was on her period, so i just red winged her

2.i earned a pair of redwings last night, my girlfriend was on her period.
by mikal3 February 19, 2006
215 247