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adj. a girl that is both skinny and ugly.
Daniel Rincon always goes after the skugly girls at Potlatch because they have low self esteem.
by Daniel Rincon July 10, 2008
the combination of the words skank and ugly, forming a powerful word with the definition of complete trash.
"I put that skugly bitch in her place...the trashcan"

"She looks like every other skugly whore"

"He'll only date them skugly skanks"
by FiveOneEight's Finest LL September 23, 2009
skankey ugly
the skugly bitch wanted to suck my dick off but i wouldent let her
by nate 4ges September 26, 2003
Being so skinny that you have turned ugly.

Essentially when the cuteness of your face and body have deteriorated to the point that you look more like you belong in a concentration camp than a club.
That bitch is so skugly she looks like an AIDs patient.

She's so skugly that she has to turn her head in pictures to give her more depth.

"Tequila and jizz is not a form of sustenance."
by CubsSuck50 September 09, 2009
skanky ugly girls muggin in the corner of a club
damn did you see those skuglies dancing at that party? not for me...
by JDOLVEO October 24, 2008
ugly as hell, -1 or less of 1 to 10 scale
i would not touch that skugly bitch with a 10ft pole.
by hazen November 05, 2006
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