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The one to ten scale measures how attractive a girl or a guy is. For example:
1: Absolutely hideous, can't even look at him/her
2: Pretty damn ugly
3: Gross
4: Unattractive
5. Not cute, not ugly, just average.
6. Decent looking, but not usually anyone's first choice.
7. Cute
8. Attractive
9. Very Attractive
10. Perfection

Most everybody uses the one to ten scale, but in different ways. For instance, someone may label someone as a 1, and another person may label them as a 10, and vice versa. It's all a matter of opinion.
Jack: Dude look at Bailey over there, isn't she a 10/10 on the 1 to 10 scale?
Joe: Ehh I'd give her about a 7 or so.
John: Are you guys kidding? She's hella ugly! She's a 2 at the most.
by HannahFancyPants November 25, 2016
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