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a mix of goths, punks, and otherwise angry rebels. Typically wear black, are super pissed off, never smile, walk around the halls wearing headphones.
She's wearing all black, she hasn't showered in days, and she's listening to angry punk/metal on her headphones. Now there's a skode if I ever saw one!
by jeff potter October 06, 2004
Skode (n.) or Skodey(adj.) is a term used to describe one as trashy as fuck, dirty looking, or grungy.
1: That skode last night would not get off my dick man.
2: Who gives a fuck? Let's get skodey tonight!
by MorgansTittySprinkles December 03, 2012
An acronym ...

Dirty little things.
Omg your such a skode, but that bottle down.

Sorry, I don't want that cute little blue pill, I'm not a Skode.
by TheBestest. January 10, 2011
a man who cannot shower correctly or brush his teeth, and has greasy hair. he thinks he is a sexy beast but is actually so repulsive that you cannot imagine anyone in the world you would pick him over to have sex with. "skodes" will have tendencies to stare creepily at you, and when he realises you dont like him he will lash out at you.
person 1: omg see that guy over there?
person 2: yea!
person 1: he keeps staring at me and it's making me uncomfortable
Person 2: oh dont worry about him he is just skodes, he does that to everyone
by ruttah August 18, 2011
a long skinny dick, opposite of a chode
"damn look at that pencil! oh wait that's just a skode!"

daughter: "why does daddy have a magic pencil where his we we is supposed to be that has white stuff in it?"
mom: "oh no honey, that's not a pencil, when me and daddy wrestle he always gets a skode!"

"dayuuuum 12 inches long, but 1 centimeter thick.. must be a skode!"
by cat fucker December 02, 2012
(Skode deriving from the words skinny and chode)
A skode is a short, but slender, chode. Some may think that this is redundant because a chode is a penis wider than it is long, however chodes can be really fuckin massive, while a skode may only be seen under certian conditions. For example one with a skode would have to take male enhansement pills every day for a decade in order to make it visible without a microskope.
person 1: So did you fuck your boyfriend last night?
person 2: I don't want to talk about it.
person 1: Why?!?!
person 2: He has a skode...
person 1:..........Oh
by jmchickens February 13, 2010
A dirty hippie druggie. From early '80s Pacific Beach used to describe the street dealers who sold fake drugs to the Navy guys
Look at that guy over there in the alley, with the long scraggly hair and no front teeth, he's a real skode!
by lizajane May 02, 2005
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