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a large cult mainly comprised racists, homophobics, anti-semetics, and casper the ghost look-alikes
klu klux Klan member 1: I hate black people
klu klux klan member 2: I live with my mom!
by jmchickens October 14, 2009
A high risk stunt where one finds a random street vendor and embrasses them in a tight scissor lock and refusing to let go until they have sex with you or give you whatever they're selling for free.
Mmmmmmm theres nothing like a newyork pretzel, except for a new orleans hotdog stand... Speaking of which I'm still sore from last time I did that.
by jmchickens February 14, 2010
(Skode deriving from the words skinny and chode)
A skode is a short, but slender, chode. Some may think that this is redundant because a chode is a penis wider than it is long, however chodes can be really fuckin massive, while a skode may only be seen under certian conditions. For example one with a skode would have to take male enhansement pills every day for a decade in order to make it visible without a microskope.
person 1: So did you fuck your boyfriend last night?
person 2: I don't want to talk about it.
person 1: Why?!?!
person 2: He has a skode...
person 1:..........Oh
by jmchickens February 13, 2010

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