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having the boobs and the ass..hense double bubble
shes deffently has a double bubble
by candy_gurl February 23, 2006
a girl having large breasts and a big butt
(a group of guys catcall to a girl crossing the street) Hey Double Bubble! bounce baby, bounce!
by haha_hole September 18, 2009
A Double Bubble is when a bra circumference is too small for a woman to wear. Instead of overflowing over the top, the elastic band around the bottom slips up, causing each breast to appear as 2, or 4 breasts.
Girl #1: How do I look in this new shirt?

Girl #2: I like the shirt, but you need a new bra. You have some double bubble action going.
by augustina12 May 22, 2009
A girl with big round breasts and a big round butt.
"Dude, you see that Double Bubble? Could turn her upside down and it would look like the same girl!"
by WarheD September 04, 2013
A widely used term for a double cheeseburger.
Let me get some of those double bubbles, don't hate.
by j pags March 23, 2009
When you fart and it travels along your ass crack to your lower back as well as toward the front along the balls.
That fart was a double bubble.
by Tieless May 05, 2009
Double Bubble (verb)

The act of a man taking in a large quantity of air, then blowing it into the gaping vagina of a consenting female adult. She then flexes her pelvic floor, expelling the used vagina air into the mouth of the man.
He passed out while going down on her, so she gave him a Snoring Double Bubble.
by Afghanibranstanfieldsvilleburg January 08, 2011

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