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Term used to express hapiness and joy when singing in a rasta fashion.
Yaw yaw yaw yaggo yo
by Dollar November 23, 2003
A Scottish beast resembling a cow.
What the fuck is that man!? when something shocking is seen
A highland cow situation
by Dollar November 22, 2003
Marijuana And Crack Cocaine Mixed And Rolled Into A Joint / Blunt .
Less roll this yap / yapper,ill put the weed in the paper and you sprinkle the skizzy / crack .
by Dollar August 29, 2005
Skizzy is a word that developed in the Saint Louis surrounding areas meaning Cocaine / Crack. Short for the feeling of Schizophrenia that the drug gives.
Yo' you gots some skizzy so i can make a flip and double bubble on ?
by Dollar August 29, 2005

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