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this is the word your high, paranoid friend hears when you actually say (nicely) kiss. apparently, while under the influence, your friend may see you as a psychotic pervert who wants to "skizz" on you
"I'm going to give you a big skizz"
by Spiderman21 May 15, 2008
8 19
Skizz: The act of ejaculating an extremely foul smelling load.
When mark skizzed in Becky's mouth she threw up all over his cock.
by yofooyomanyo April 20, 2009
54 28
A digital device used to weigh marajuana and other such drugs.
my skizz says this only weighs out to 27g this shit is short your dead. bang bang.
by joe leo March 10, 2006
61 48
this word is used for a scale for weighing objects
Hey Rob, can I borrow your skizz?


This skizz is of by 1 gram.
by Corey Mack December 15, 2007
24 22
To fire up, toke, burn.
Don: Hey you wanna Skizz?

George: Hell ya!!

Don: Then get in here and don't mess up the rotation!

George: Man I am all Skizzed out now!!
by Drummer858 January 03, 2011
10 9
verb.- to both skeet and jizz on someone at the same time. This is a miraculously impressive ejaculation that cannot be described with only one of the two words. When combined, this new word skizz takes ejaculation to a whole new length of awesomeness. Also the name of a parrot pillow pet.
Joe: Dude I just skizzed all over Becky and left.
Tom: I really want to skizz on this girl but she won't let me.

Jen: Hey, do you know where my parrot Skizz is?
by Skizzerizz200 April 27, 2011
1 4
the defination of a good lover in bed.
oh he was such a skizz.
by skizzler23 October 19, 2010
4 8
an all purpose word that mad pimps use to replace any word chosen by the user
1. let's skizz this skizz yo
2. we skizzin on that skizzy
by Marc October 24, 2003
30 35