1: a new type of drug invented in which you take the shavings of soap and stick them in your eye. It will make you see so many colors! *NOTE* most of these colors will be red

2: a new way of saying SKILL but for some reason without the L's
Drug Dealer:" Dude i dont have any more crack but i got something better!"
You:" What?!"
Drug Dealer: " I got Some SKIZZ!!"
You: " i think i just shit my pants!"

Dude iTz xDJ SkiZZx has got some l33t skizz at call of duty
by xDJ SkiZZx July 29, 2009
used to describe something not working the way it's supposed to.
Damn thing's skizzin out on me again!
by young jables January 06, 2010
this is the word your high, paranoid friend hears when you actually say (nicely) kiss. apparently, while under the influence, your friend may see you as a psychotic pervert who wants to "skizz" on you
"I'm going to give you a big skizz"
by Spiderman21 May 15, 2008
Skizz is another word for 'chat'. In other words something gross, ew, disgusting etc.
personn: ew shes fucking skizz!
person 2: ahah i reckon
by IM SOO COOL. jokkkes. June 25, 2009
A. Used whenever wanted. in reference to anything at any point.

B. Yes
Tim: you see that phat ass!!!

Eric: skizz!!!


Dianna: I love you baby!

Tom: Skizz

Dianna: WTF!!

Tom: I mean, me to.
by El_BigNuts April 18, 2009
Female cum. Similar to Jizz.
Unlike male semen, skizz has a lighter, creamy texture and it acutally tastes good.
"Mmmm skizz! ya baby cum!"
by ViPER November 22, 2003
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