A girl you'd use for a one night stand. You are just with her to dump a load in her.
l was out last night and picked up a skip. She was some skip, I dumped a couple of loads in her!
by demo1234 January 04, 2010
A person of ambiguous sexuality.
Trent might be a skip because I've never seen him in a relationship.
by acets December 22, 2011
A Skip is a perverted aging frat boy twisted hillbilly that preys on young girls and boys. A pedophile
He is such a Skip for taking advantage of that girl
by Modereighter June 06, 2011
Word used to get a cow's attention forcing it to run to the desired location.

Word usually drawn out.. (SKIIIPPPPP)
Cow- "MOO"
Boy- "Move cow.."
Cow- "MOO?"
Man- "SKKKIIPPPPPP!" (skip)
Cow- "MOOOO!!!"

*cow runs*
by Farmer Amy November 28, 2010
A very tasty and potent alcoholic drink concoction mixed in a large cooler consisting of:

1 bag of ice
1 66 of Gin
24 beer
3-4 frozen fruit juice concentrate (Dino-sour is recommended)

Mix all together and serve immediately.
Serves 8-12 or one lumberjack
Probably one of the of the funnest experiences you can have.
Recommended for backyard or lake parties.
"Man, drinking all that SKIP last night had me naked and dancing on the roof"
by Greg Proops April 22, 2008
to pass in rotation usually with a pipe or joint
"Hey my names not skip. dont pass me up"
by DJH May 04, 2005
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