An offensive word that represents aussies.
fucking skips!
by joosy poosy May 04, 2003
A derogatory word used to describe Australians, usually used by ethnic people. The term was coined from the TV show "Skippy, The Bush Kangaroo". The Kangaroo being one of Australia's native animals.
Matt: "You want to go to the footy on the weekend?"
Gino: "No way bro, what are you, a skip?"
by cRaZy-HuNNii May 17, 2005
1. When a couple mutually masturbates, has sex, or reaches an orgasm/climax.
2. Also may include sexting /cyber or phone sex but is not limited to these activities.
3. In some situations, making out may also be referred to as skipping.
4. Usage: Used when in public and there is a need to be discreet about it.
1. We skipped each others brains out.
2. Last night, we were skipping, and well, we got tired.
by sevenaces May 08, 2011
Australian slang for urinating
Andrew needs to go for a skip
by jack off a cow January 04, 2014
A woman/man who hooks up with one's recently widowed/divorced/never married mom or dad and then ditches them later.

Ditch time can be immediately after sex when the partner has fallen asleep or up to a month later, when they just vanish.
Skip #1: I
Skip #2: am
Skip #3: going
Skip #4: to
Skip #5: be
Skip #1: your
Skip #2: new
Skip #6: FAZZA!

-- Example from John Tucker Must Die


Girl: I can't believe my dad's girlfriend turned out to be a skip!
by DamnItSkip July 02, 2009
A word used to refer to a someone in the Italian-American Mafia that has a higher position than the one of the person talking. A soldier calls a capo "skip". A capo would call a consigliere "skip". A consigliere would call the boss "skip" and so on.
Nicky: So you whacked Little Bobby?

Joe: Yeah, the skip gave me the order.
by JaBoii January 25, 2014
To be used in place of the word leave.
'Lets skip town and run forever'
'Skip him'
'Skip her'
'skip that'
by Lauz January 21, 2006

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